Cave Creek Canyon

Portal to Paradise area is a unique sky island that we like to call  the great barrier reef of the desert. Cave Creek Canyon is located in the  Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona .  Rising from the desert floor to an elevation of nearly ten thousand feet, the Chiricahuas gives an experience for visitors of some of the richest flora and fauna in North America. The fascinating area offers magnificent views of imposing canyon walls and reefs and lets you get a glance at the past, while you take a walk through enchanting forest trails.

Cave Creek is one of the few areas in the U.S. where the Elegant Trogan nests.  Visitors from around the world travel to the Chiricahuas to view this magnificent bird in it’s splendid surroundings.  Also, you may encounter 330 other species of birds, including 13 species of hummingbirds and 14 species of owls.

Some things that you can experience while visiting the portal area are bird watching, hiking, stargazing, camping, photography, picnicing, and viewing a variety of wildlife. These are some of the activities that attract unique people from all over the world each year.